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Blue Flag

Jesolo for seven consecutive years gets the blue flag of Europe, an important award given by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe), further confirming that the water quality of Jesolo is able to offer to their swimmers, and not only for the quality of bathing water, cleanliness of the beach and efficiency of services offered to tourists but also for the commitment of the City in the environmental awareness of tourists and residents.

Some requirements that a blue flag beach of being are:

  •     Absolute validity of bathing water demonstrated by periodic analysis
  •     Beach kept constantly clean and efficient service to the beach
  •     No dumping of industrial waste water and sewage
  •     Analysis of data available and easy availability of environmental information
  •     Appropriate rescue and first aid
  •     Easy access for the disabled
  •     Balance between water activities and nature protection

The FEE is a 'non-governmental international organization for the promotion of environmental sustainability that works in 60 countries around the world and annual checks and verifies that these requirements are met according to specific procedures which are then certified, published and applied to any beach wants to become a Blue Flag

The value of the Blue Flag is recognized also by the partners that support and sustain the FEE, as the Environmental Protection Unit of the Carabinieri General Command of the Harbour, Ispra (Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research), ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), the Italian Federation of Enterprises Bathing, Bathing Italian mayor, Coordination Regional Department of Tourism, as well as Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Prime Minister.
The water quality is certified dall'ARPAV each summer 130 performs analysis of water samples and in 11 different points along the coast.
The City of Jesolo make the results of this analysis continually keep the information panels located along the beach.

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