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Jesolo 2012

Jesolo 2012 is the redevelopment of the city of Jesolo began in 1997 with the convening of Prof. Kenzo Tange (inventor of the modern face of Japan) who were asked to assess the needs and future development of the city of Jesolo.

The study conducted by Profs. Kenzo Tange has created a project which was attended by internationally renowned designers such as Richard Meier, Bruno Dolcetta, Gonçalo Byrne, Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus, Aurelio Galfetti, João Nunes, Valter Tronchin, Shigeru Iwakiri, Carlos Ferrater, Tiziano Vudafieri, Zaha Hadid.

In the year 2012 is provided for the completion of urban renewal in the city of Jesolo.

With this project, the city of Jesolo seeks to imitate cities like Berlin, Las Vegas, Milan, London, Baltimore, Edinburgh, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka.

Which have seen in the architecture a new resource that has brought the international spotlight.

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