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Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, located in Venice, is one of the most important Italian cities and is renowned worldwide for its beauty and architectural integrity.

It is the only square in Venice, as all other urban areas in the shape of the square are properly defined fields. It has a trapezoidal shape and is 170 meters long.

The heart of Venice and a symbol of the Venetian State, the monumental area of Piazza San Marco is composed of three areas:

  • The Square itself, the area enclosed by the Procurators, including old and new and the brand new, with a suggestion on the development of rare architectural monument of the basilica and just overlooking, the lofty, bell tower of San Marco.
  • Square San Marco, propagine southern front of the Ducal Palace and the Library, St. Mark's monumental entrance to the area for those coming from the sea through the two famous columns overlooking the waterfront San Marco, which overlooks the pier at Palazzo Ducale, the 'the only bank that bears the name of Venice pier.
  • Square Leoncini, propagine western side of the basilica, overlooking the Patriarchal Palace, so named for the two statues of lions crouching delimiting the central area overbuilt.
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